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I'll Give You All I Can...
October 5, 2011
Five Ways to Say “I Love You” Like a Passive, Cowardly Maniac
Five ways to be the first one who says “I love you,” without actually going out on a limb.
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September 14, 2011
A StumbleUpon Marriage Proposal
Cute proposals + technology abound and today’s involves everyone’s favorite recommendation engine: StumbleUpon.
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May 5, 2011
How to Pretend You Appreciate Expensive Wine (without really knowing what the hell you’re doing)
Your explanation-free quick guide to what to do if you need to look like you know what you’re doing when tasting expensive wine.
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Rest of Warrior
April 26, 2011
“Will Make Bed for Sex”
Are you scaring the opposite sex from your room before they even consider hopping in your bed? Maybe it’s time for your inner interior decorator to update his/her catalog!
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April 5, 2011
GOOD Film Montage: Why Kissing Matters
Filled with fascinating facts, this video collage of kissing moments explains exactly why kissing matters so much.
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February 22, 2011
Erotica for the Neurotica – Pornography for the Anxious and Overly-Sensitive
I watch a pornographic Barcelonan film and experience an orgy of thoughts and feelings.
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January 25, 2011
How To Set Up Blind Dates (And Have Your Friends Still Like You After The Dates Are Over)
A 7-Step, analytical approach for doing the impossible: setting up a successful blind date.
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January 18, 2011
“I.Q.” Makes Me Want To Roll Around On A Field
A few of the many reasons why you’ll be moved to roll around on a field after watching this light-hearted romantic comedy.
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G1 Ultra Magnus update
November 5, 2010
Editing Hip-Hop for Grammar: Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne’s Love Ballad
Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya” is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.
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scream and shout
October 30, 2010
Your Noisy and Rambunctious Bundles of Love are Driving Me Mad
A letter to parents of noisy and rambunctious children who allow those noisy and rambunctious children to run free in the wilderness of U.S. cafes.
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