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“Will Make Bed for Sex”

Frat boys don’t have the right idea.

In fact, it’s amazing to me that they get laid at all.

Women are all about feeling – the mood – when it comes to sex. If a guy’s room is scary, gross, weird, or too adorable (which is also weird), sex is a no-go activity. Read more >

GOOD Film Montage:
Why Kissing Matters

Filled with fascinating facts, this video collage of kissing moments by GOOD magazine explains exactly why kissing matters so much.

Favorite kiss from the clip: Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones from “The Mask of Zorro.”

Favorite fact from the clip: How X came to be a symbol for “kiss.”

How To Set Up Blind Dates (And Have Your Friends Still Like You After The Dates Are Over)

I’ve been on a few blind dates.

For a 24 year old who started dating at age 16, I’ve been on way more than most people my age. If I hadn’t eventually found a boyfriend (who I did NOT meet as a result of a blind date), and kept going on blind dates at this rate, by the time I turned 60, I would have gone on approximately 38 blind dates. So, by this logic, you could practically call me an expert on blind dates and dating.

And I’ve never been on a good blind date. Read more >

“I.Q.” Makes Me Want To Roll Around On A Field

Most people that I’ve asked haven’t seen, or even heard of the film “I.Q.,” a delightful romantic comedy starring Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, and Tim Robbins. And I think this is why most people, when they fall in love, don’t have the sudden urge to roll around in a field. Read more >

Your Noisy and Rambunctious Bundles of Love are Driving Me Mad

scream and shout
Creative Commons License photo credit: mdanys

Dear irresponsible parents of noisy and rambunctious children,

I have an appeal for you. Well, two actually. And then, I’d like to close with a little motivational information for you.

Please read the entire appeal, even if you don’t want to hear it…I have to listen to your children – the noisy and rambunctious children of the world – for hours sometimes when I absolutely don’t want to; it seems only fair you read this letter, which should only take a few minutes. Read more >