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10 Trendy Looks that Turn Men Off

Have you ever noticed that most men can’t really stand fashion shows? Why is that?

Fashion shows should be a joy for them – watching  means getting to watch hot models strut around for an hour or so. Well, a lot of the fashions displayed can be kind of eccentric. Men don’t really understand the reason behind wrapping one’s body in so many crazy creations that designers come up with.

Similarly, I’ve heard so many women ooh and ahh over the fashions worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in The Sex and the City; I’ve also heard so many men say that her character’s wardrobe not only confuses them, but just totally obliterates her sex appeal.

“What IS that?” they ask, tilting their heads from side to side like puzzled puppies.

“It’s a dress,” I say.

In my opinion, the only ways to justify wearing outlandish, trendy outfits are by saying you’re paying homage to fashion, or by attributing  them to your own bold expressions that you don’t care about  anyone else judging.

Unfortunately, a lot of women adopt trendy styles because they think wearing the latest looks will render them both edgy and more attractive. Those women are, sadly, under a misconception.

Here’s 10 trendy looks that will actually turn off most men. So, wearer beware!

1. Leggings and legwarmers!

2. Uggs

3. Wearing either neon or pink colors

4. Jeggings

Creative Commons License photo credit: K J Payne

5. Giant sunglasses

Creative Commons License photo credit: StephenMcleod – artistic moobs

6. Tall gladiator shoes

7. Anything with a crazy amount of ruffles

faceless train
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jesse Draper

8. Graphic tees with random and/or weird words or statements (E.g. ‘I heart your boyfriend’)

9. Baby doll dresses

10. Harem pants

Creative Commons License photo credit: Idhren

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