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A StumbleUpon Marriage Proposal

Cute proposals + technology abound and today’s involves everyone’s favorite recommendation engine: StumbleUpon.

The proposer brought on the awesome Denver-based From the Hip Photo to help craft the message to his proposee.

From the Hip describes the project best:

“Ty was trying to think up a clever way to pop the question to his girlfriend, Marquita, when he stumbled upon the idea to do it via… StumbleUpon. The pair have a penchant for browsing the web via the social bookmarking service, which offers up random selections from across the web based on a user’s preferences. (We are actually big Stumblers, too, so we loved this idea!)

He wanted to create a web page with a series of photographs that would spell out his proposal and then have Marquita “randomly” Stumble the page. When Ty contacted the folks at StumbleUpon to see if they could engineer a tweak to deliver the page to his girlfriend at a specific date and time he was delighted to hear that they in to help him pop the question.”

via A StumbleUpon Marriage Proposal | From the Hip Photo.

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