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Katy Perry Puppet Sex

In reaction to the brouhaha surrounding pop singer Katy Perry’s appearance on Sesame Street earlier this month (some found her too scantily clad for a children’s show), CollegeHumor created this brilliantly hilarious send-up.

This video should be noted for its incredibly high production values, flawless cinematography by Vincent Peone and visual fidelity to the original Katy Perry video for ‘Teenage Dream’ – seen here.

Written by Jeff Rubin and Ben Joseph.
Directed and Shot by Vincent Peone.
Starring Deanna Russo.

Tonight You Belong to Me

Lovely moments like this are what movies are all about.

Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters sing “Tonight You Belong to Me” from The Jerk.

Music Video: Tommy Wallach’s Whisper

We’re completely in love with this delightfully hand-crafted, stop-motion music video for musician Tommy Wallach.

The shadow visuals and created movement are dark and deliriously delightful complements to the  song. Intricately and beautifully directed by Tallie Maughan.

If, like us, you have the burning desire to rush out and hear more of his work, you can listen/buy this track and more at his website — click here.

Strangers Touching Strangers

While we touch those we are close with regularly and freely, touch among strangers remains taboo in our culture. We are apt to apologize  for accidentally brushing a strangers hand or pull away quickly should our knees touch the person seated next to us.

Consequently, there’s something very moving about these portraits by photographer Richard Renaldi in which he asks strangers to touch other strangers.

There is a certain shock value to seeing people together that we would normally view as from different worlds – but beyond that, these photographs evoke the potential for intimacy that we all possess should we bridge the gap of space and custom a little more often.

View the whole series here. And read a great interview with Renaldi about the project here.

Everybody Needs a Pet

Pets give us so much, make sure to give the pet in your life a little extra love today.

(If you know who the artist of this illustration is, please let us know – we’d love to give them credit!)

Lovely Love in the Park Animation

Cute Love-Filled Animation for Swarovski Diamonds called “City Park” with character design by Brigette Barrager.

We just adore the artwork in this piece – the soft colors and flickering tones on the animals are breathtaking. And as we know, we humans are not the only ones who know kissing matters.

An Adorably Artsy Anniversary

This super cute anniversary-present/photo spread shows that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to expressing love.

Floral designer Cori Cook posed for these shots as a present for her 3rd anniversary.

The photos were taken by the supremely talented Nina Barry. Be sure to check out her other work on her blog as well as another version of the layout here! Hooray!