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Love Letter Jigsaw Takes 15 Years to Put Together Again

A British man spent 15 years reassembling 2,000 pieces of love letters he had written to his late wife. She had torn up the letters when she caught someone reading them.

Ted Howard, 82, ended up with 98 letters that he had written to his wife Molly during the seven years he spent abroad – traveling Europe as a farm worker.

    When Molly found someone reading them in 1953, she tore them into more than 20 pieces each – over 2,000 scraps – some smaller than a thumbnail.

    tedhoward-letterMr. Howard began reconstructing the letters in 1993 and just completed the last letter – 3 years after his wife died. He worked tirelessly at the task – separating corner and center pieces and slowly putting them back together – for roughly an hour a day for over 15 years.

    The letters were written on hotel stationary as he traveled the UK, France, Ireland and Holland in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

    Full Story: BBC News link

    After Losing Her Virginity, Teen Accidentally Texts Dad

    18-year old Elizabeth (Lizzy) Frisinger was super-excited to lose her virginity. So excited in fact, that after doing it on a beach during a class trip, she immediately fired-off a text message to a friend raving about how it was “gr8.”

      Unfortunately for Lizzy, a slip of the finger sent the message not to a friend, but to her Dad. He immediately booked her a return trip back to Cleveland. Class Trip over.


      Somehow this seems like a great marketing opportunity for Delta. I can see the ad campaign now:  “Delta Air Lines: Rushing Home America’s Deflowered Daughters since 1924.”

      Tired of Being Rejected by Real Women, Scientist Invents Robot Woman to Reject His Advances

      Inventor Le Trung, 33, has created Aiko – a female robot with “with a stunning 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features.”

      They often go on drives together, she reads him newspaper headlines over breakfast and works in his home 24 hours a day. Aiko (her name means ‘love child’) also reacts to human touch and can be tickled.

      Le claims their interaction has not strayed to the bedroom, but does add that a few “tweaks” could easily turn her into a sexual playmate. He further explains, “Her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm.”

      For right now though, Aiko is programmed to aggressively reject all sexual advances

      leaving us to wonder if perhaps Le based Aiko a little too closely on his own interactions with real women.

      casualties of war movie

      The best part is around 1:10 when she slaps him and says “I do not like it when you touch my breasts.”

      There’s definitely some psychological trauma coming out here between inventor and creation. I don’t think Doctor Frankenstein ever had this particular problem.

      photo: Barcroft Media

      full story: UK Sun – link

      Principal Kisses Pig. Pig Unimpressed.

      A middle school principal made good on a promise to kiss a pig this Monday.

      San Benancio Middle School principal Gina Uccelli had vowed to pucker up for the porcine pet if her students raised $17,000 in a magazine fundraiser.

      They ended up raising $18,000 in all and she fulfilled her committment in front of the whole student body.

      When asked to comment, the pig remarked, “Eh. It was okay. I’m just disappointed they didn’t raise enough for the next prize up at $25,000. Now that would have been something to see.”

      photo: Vicky TGAW

      link to story

      British Art Gallery Bans Air-Kissing

      An art gallery in London is rejecting the usual launch party customs by banning guests from air-kissing and calling each other “darling”.

      Based in the West End, Spectrum Fine Art is hosting a tongue-in-cheek anti-London Fashion Week party.

      Any guests spotted air-kissing or wearing absurd or impractical outfits should expect to be thoroughly reprimanded.

      The BBC reports:

      The idea behind the unusual launch party is to “demystify the cult of the new British arts graduates – bringing the work of the next generation of artists to the public”, and to keep it away from the “unscrupulous self-publicising super collectors”.

      Among the the stipulations for Thursday’s opening is that no guests will be able to ask the fat content of the canapes, while comfortable clothing will be the order of the night.

      Anyone caught looking over the shoulder of the person they are speaking to, in the hope of finding someone more interesting or important to talk to, will be told off for rudeness.

      The Artists of Fame and Promise exhibition runs at the Spectrum Fine Art gallery in Great Titchfield Street from 23 September to 23 October.

      photo: Way of the Rocket

      from the BBC News | link

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