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7 Reasons Why People Kiss with Their Eyes Closed

Why do people close their eyes when they kiss?

Who invented this custom? When you don’t keep your eyes closed you’re violating a sacred principle. It’s like eating cereal with your hands when nobody’s around. Nobody sees you, but you still feel weird and like you’re violating the natural order.

If you need a reason to keep your eyes closed while kissing, here are seven top reasons, according to a poll taken outside Rockefeller Center by sexologist Diane DeLay, PhD, as part of the research for her upcoming book, “Love Me Like We’re Bunnies”:

Reasons why people kiss with their eyes closed:

  1. You wouldn’t want to see what you look like while kissing, so neither would your partner;
  2. Your brain can’t make your tongue swirl around if your eyes are moving at the same time. It’s the same principle as trying to pat your head while using your other hand to go in circles over your belly;
  3. It’s weird enough to kiss with your eyes open, but even weirder to make moaning sounds;
  4. It’s bad for your eyeballs to look that close at anything;
  5. For females, it ruins everything if you’re fantasizing about Brad Pitt when you’re staring at something closer to Steve Buscemi;
  6. For males, if you’re kissing in the middle of intercourse, with your eyes closed it’s easier to imagine baseball;
  7. With your eyes open, your lover’s nose looks bigger than the Chrysler Building

4 Ways to Enhance the Kissing Experience

Sure, kissing is an engaging activity, but did you know you can do other things WHILE kissing to broaden the experience?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Hum. Humming while kissing causes a vibration in both partners’ mouths. And who doesn’t like vibrations?

2. Blink your eyes. When you do this it looks like you’re kissing an old time movie star.

3. Move your hips around in big circles. This is a subtle way to test your partner’s sense of balance, which may be an indicator of just how acrobatic they can be in bed.

4. Hum a song. This is different from number 1 above. If you are a really good at carrying a tune, you can hum a romantic song to heighten the experience.

Photo: Mimi K