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Music Video: Tommy Wallach’s Whisper

We’re completely in love with this delightfully hand-crafted, stop-motion music video for musician Tommy Wallach.

The shadow visuals and created movement are dark and deliriously delightful complements to theĀ  song. Intricately and beautifully directed by Tallie Maughan.

If, like us, you have the burning desire to rush out and hear more of his work, you can listen/buy this track and more at his website — click here.

Asleep and Dreaming

Every once and a while I’ll see a music video that knocks my socks off. In addition to being a lovely daydream of a story, this video for the song “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie is super well-produced. And while very simple in scope, the film is incredibly innovative in its use of setting, stop-motion and production design. Lavie is an Israeli-born singer/songwriter/director. You can find his album here: The Opposite Side of the Sea