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Everybody Needs a Pet

Pets give us so much, make sure to give the pet in your life a little extra love today.

(If you know who the artist of this illustration is, please let us know – we’d love to give them credit!)

We Are Not Two, We Are One

This charming piece is by the quite talented Christopher Bettig.

    Bettig is a French/American artist living in Los Angeles. He has done commercial work for Converse, Urban Outfitters and Fila.

    I love what he does here with color, how his blue lines intermix with white space and obviously the concept of two lovers becoming one through in shape of a heart is adorable.


    If you like this, be sure to visit Bettig’s website and his etsy shop where you can buy spiffy posters like this for your friends, neighbors and generational cohorts.

    Love Graffiti

    Love is all around us. If you take a closer look, you might see a little more of it. Here are some great declarations of love expressed in graffiti and posted in public places.


    by unknown

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