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We Are Not Two, We Are One

This charming piece is by the quite talented Christopher Bettig.

    Bettig is a French/American artist living in Los Angeles. He has done commercial work for Converse, Urban Outfitters and Fila.

    I love what he does here with color, how his blue lines intermix with white space and obviously the concept of two lovers becoming one through in shape of a heart is adorable.


    If you like this, be sure to visit Bettig’s website and his etsy shop where you can buy spiffy posters like this for your friends, neighbors and generational cohorts.

    Identity Confirmed of Sailor in Times Square Kiss

    sailor-kissAfter returning home from a tour of duty at sea, Life Magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstadt took this, perhaps the most famous photograph of two people kissing. The kiss symbolized so many emotions — an emotional release through which the entire nation could vicariously rejoice. The soldier and the nurse, in the middle of Times Square in 1945, were part of the very backbone of the American war effort. Years later the sailor came forth and identified himself as Glenn McDuffie.

    Houston Police Department forensic artist Lois Gibson worked hard to find evidence that McDuffie was the sailor in the famous photograph. After a detailed investigation, it’s her official verdict that McDuffie, 80, is the man in the 1945 image.

    Gibson said she thinks McDuffie’s claim is bolstered by his explanation for why the sailor’s left hand and wrist are twisted around the nurse’s face. He said he realized someone was taking the picture, so he moved his wrist and hand so the nurse’s face could be seen.

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    Source: Lozano, Juan A., “Forensics help identify sailor in famous kiss photo,” Associated Press, Aug 4, 2007

    Love Graffiti

    Love is all around us. If you take a closer look, you might see a little more of it. Here are some great declarations of love expressed in graffiti and posted in public places.


    by unknown

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    9 Gigantic Hearts in Nature

    Looking to spark a little romance with the attractive lady/fellow in the plane seat next to you?

    Glancing at the window and spotting one of these Giant Hearts might just get things moving in the right direction. has put together a terrific visual tour of Gigantic Hearts seen from above complete with spiffy Google Maps of each location!

    View all 9 hearts here:


    photo: Heart Shaped Mangrove, Voh, New Caldoni: Yann Arthus Bertrand