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Emoticons – Your Guide to Computer Lovin’

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In today’s world, flirting over instant messaging is as common as it is over the phone. But how do we act so coy when we can’t giggle, bat our eyelashes or touch one another? Easy – emoticons! Various punctuation marks, strategically clustered, communicate all things love and kisses. Want a piece of the action? Use the following abbreviated guide to emoticon flirtation and make your next instant message conversation one worth saving to an external hard drive!

Expressing Emotion

:o  Surprise

:0  Big Surprise

=$  Goofy

&-l  Tearful

:-[  Pouting

:-# Embarrased

=^_^= Happy Blushing

\o/ Excitement


;;)  Batting Eyelashes

:*  Kiss

:D  Laugh

;)  Wink

:-{}  A Wet Kiss

:–P  Tongue Hanging Out

Role Playing

={D  Mustached Smile

<3 Ω  Love Bug

∫= Ω ;o  The Suave Frenchman

3:¬*} B  • ]>= M  Lady in Bikini on Beach

B>p ]   ÷  •  [ }  ==    Man in Swimsuit on Beach

Romantic Objects

<3  Heart

</3 Broken Heart

@—-\—- Rose

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