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Fall – In Love

The Perfect Place to Take a Book

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The end of summer can be somewhat dim and depressing.

Donning a woolen sweater with a design that echoes the not-too-distant snowfall, you brace yourself for the cold, dreary weather. You remember how much fun you and your significant other had only weeks before. Forlornly, you nudge your favorite pair of sandals beneath the bed with your foot, and then you rest your snorkel in a plastic bin, amongst several other objects bearing the colors of tropical fish.

Out come those horrid boots that make your feet clammy, and that weather-proof coat that reminds you of a colossal, green marshmallow.

You traipse to the garage with an armful of pink and green pool noodles, finally wedging them in the crevice between six tiki torches and your bicycle. Ah…you remember that day when you and your sweetheart woke up and thought it was just the perfect weather to take a nice bike ride. The wind combed through your hair and, for some reason, you became suddenly filled with gratitude for how blissful your childhood had been. After some distance, the two of you dismounted by a park bench and filled your lungs with the perfumes of blossoming flowers.

You laughed together for sneezing at the same time. Oh, allergies! Your love packed a nasal decongestant; all was right with the world.

The echoing of your laughter is suddenly drowned out by the wind’s commiserating with you; peeking through the blinds, you can almost see it howling through the trees. And the sky grays with insulating clouds that shroud the sun, blocking out its heat.

Will the sun ever come out again!?

Yes, it will. And, the entire southern hemisphere, in fact, is probably tanning and firing up their barbies – it’s spring there!

But wait a minute!

Before you start to squirrel away your spending money and daydream about slathering your significant other with suntan lotion on some Polynesian island, you should know that, as a season, autumn isn’t all that bad (winter is way worse!). Sure, in July, you and your sweetheart spent the most romantic night either of you ever had in a hammock together, gazing up at the stars – one of you said that no night could ever be as special as that summer night was.

Whoever said that was wrong.

I’m championing autumn’s potential for not only romance, but for all around fun. If you bemoan the loss of summer for the entire autumn, you’ll have missed out on the chance to partake in the following eight fall activities that I’ve come up with for you and your honey baby. And this list is just to get the ball rolling! There are so many more awesometastic fall activities that I totally missed including on my list. Maybe even hundreds more? You guys decide.

But first, read through my list:

    Pluck some apples fresh off the trees! – Don’t know where any local apple orchards are? Not to worry. Check out this fabulous apple orchard finder website.
    Newton left long time ago
    I hope all of your baked goods come out patisserie-quality, of course. But sometimes, they come out unrecognizable. It happens. Enjoy the suspense…it’s half what makes baking so entertaining for amateurs! Even better if you’re baking something you’ve always heard about, but have never seen first hand. Mystery, Suspense’s half-brother!
    Codine chantillè
    Many Americans are well-acquainted with this October activity, but are less than amused after popping a few unimaginative, geometric shapes out of their pumpkin’s shell.  It’s time to get creative with your carving and go to town on pumpkin carving. Need some inspiration? Here are some impressive pumpkins.And don’t forget, when you both are done, toast the seeds, make pumpkin soup (or pie), and stick a candle in it – the pumpkin shell, I mean (unless it’s your birthday, or something). If either of you do a horrible job, be comforted in knowing that a deformed pumpkin is a festive pumpkin!
    winking pumpkin
    It’s the one way to feel even more cozy than you would crawling into your bed and under the covers. You can’t bring your massive dog, or pop tarts (if you don’t have a massive dog) – too many crumbs, under your bed covers. So tack the sheets to the living room walls and hibernate in your own tent, spacious enough to fit two lovebirds, an entire box of pop tarts, and your massive dog (if you have one – if you don’t, you might be able to borrow one from a neighbor).
    Our House
    There are falling leaves, and there are people who rake them into fun-sized piles. Diving into those piles may seem somewhat ridiculous and childish, but if you’re both willing to play in snow – making snow angels and that sort of thing – tumbling in a pile of leaves will seem like a fresh, less wet variation. Of course, if your reservations stem from the guilt you’d feel after scattering the leaves someone just painstakingly raked together, know that the experience will make you, as a couple, stronger, since you’ll have been accomplices. Or else, you could just rake up your own leaves to mess around in.
    The Crunch Comes Next
    Every season boasts of its unique wines. Look for local tasting rooms or wineries to sample them! You might also keep an eye out for mead (or honey) wines – depending on the recipe, meads can be made dry, semi-sweet, sweet, carbonated, still, or sparkling, with mulling spices, fruits, hops, or grain mash, giving them a relatively wide appeal; just be careful not to be too festive, as some mead wines are strong enough to singe your eyebrows off, and that’s not very attractive.
    Autumn Grape Vines
    It’s simple, laid back, and inexpensive. And, if it’s you that suggests it, your lover will think you’re just adorable. Play anything you know how to play, or pick up a book of card games to learn some new ones.

    When I was a kid, I had The Klutz Book of Card Games: For Sharks and Others. It had everything in there from card games to card tricks. I highly recommend it if you’re the least bit afraid you’ll end up highly caffeinated, playing Go Fish! for 4-6 hours.
    13/365 _team player

    A fabulous way to get in touch not only with your creative side and your lover, but also with your dead loved ones. Go all out and make a paper maché cast of your partner’s face, let it dry, and paint it! if you need some examples of these vibrant Mexican masks to base your own on, check out these pictures: . Oh, and just don’t drink mead beforehand, like my fiancé and I did when we began to make ours a few years ago; I wound up falling asleep while waiting for the paper maché to dry on my face; I tried to deny that I was sleeping, but knew it was no use when he told me I was snoring rather loudly. Haha.

Alright, so there you go. Now, go grab your significant other, forget about the sun, and enjoy your Fall together!

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