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“I.Q.” Makes Me Want To Roll Around On A Field

Most people that I’ve asked haven’t seen, or even heard of the film “I.Q.,” a delightful romantic comedy starring Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, and Tim Robbins. And I think this is why most people, when they fall in love, don’t have the sudden urge to roll around in a field.

And, because most of my readers probably haven’t seen this adorable film either, I feel I should provide a brief synopsis of it:

Walter Matthau is Albert Einstein, Meg Ryan is Catherine Boyd, his niece, and Tim Robbins is an automobile mechanic named Ed. Ed falls in love at first sight with Catherine, who’s engaged to a stuffy scientist no one likes. Einstein wants Catherine to be with Ed because he thinks Ed’s a great guy – better than the stuffy guy that no one likes – but she’s engaged to the stuffy guy no one likes because she thinks he’s really smart and she wants to have smart babies. So, Einstein and his three genius friends dress Ed up like a scientist and tell the world that he’s figured out how to get a spacecraft to run on cold fusion – to convince Catherine that he’s an intellectual.

And, if the premise doesn’t sound fabulous enough that you’ve just exploded out of your house and spirited to the local video store to rent the film (no time to Netflix it!), then you should know that Tony Shalhoub is also in the film – and he’s always wonderful, even without a bushy mustache (he’s clean shaven here – it’s the 50s).

So, at a certain point during the film, Catherine and Ed roll around on a grassy field in front of Eisenhower, the secret service, and all the genius people.

It’s not a love scene, per se…

But watching it makes you want to roll around on a field for the following reasons:

• The grass looks really soft in the film
• Catherine and Ed don’t really get dirty, so why should anyone else?
• It seems like a swell summer activity (or a swell, any-season activity, if you live in Florida)
• Rolling around with another person (you have to kind of embrace each other) keeps the centrifugal force going for much longer than if you roll around by yourself
• It’ll bring out your inner child, and possibly give rise to riotous giggling (just make sure you giggle closed-teeth, or the giggling may have unpleasant side effects for your partner)

Things to Double Check Before Rolling Around On A Field:

• That it hasn’t rained in a couple days
• That it won’t rain while you’re rolling around
• That there aren’t any ball-oriented sports’ matches nearby
• That your partner doesn’t weigh twice as much as you do
• That the field isn’t hosed down with pesticides
• That people don’t walk their dogs on that field

Also, I don’t know if this makes a difference, but “I.Q.” takes place in New Jersey. I’ve never been to New Jersey, but the grass may be softer there, or the fields more lush. But either way, the field in this film seems to have ideal rolling-around conditions. So, if you see a field such as the one featured in “I.Q.,” I highly recommend you do your rolling-around activities in it, as opposed to in a bog, or the Everglades, or some such place.

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