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Kablooey! 5 Ways to Celebrate Every Kiss 4th of July Style

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Fireworks. There’s just something magical about those explosives. They’re loud, exciting, colorful, romantic, and have the ability to make you live in the moment. If only every kiss could have that electrifying quality…

Well, it can. Here are 5 ways to celebrate the spirit of 4th of July any day you want:

1. Pop in some pop rocks. Yeah…give your kiss an extra kick by holding a couple pop rocks in your mouth while your make out with your partner. You’re sure to feel the spark between the two of you when you create your own private fireworks show!

2. Snap some bubble wrap. There’s nothing like that 4th of July moment when you close your eyes and lean in for a kiss – you can’t see the fireworks, but you know they’re there; you can hear them as they’re peppering the sky.  Get the same effect with bubble wrap! Place a sheet or two between you and your kissing buddy – in any place your bodies are sure to make contact; as you kiss, see how many bubbles you can pop. My guess is you’ll start off slow and work into a finale! (For different intimacy levels, experiment with different sized bubbles.)

3. Motion-activated disco ball. Experience the magic and the flashes of color as you keep the celebration going! Need I say anything more?

4. Let Arfy and Tobias sparkle! You know those glow in the dark stickers you can get at Target or any game store? They sometimes come in the shape of stars and constellations. Well, attach a bunch of them to your dog’s and/or cat’s collar (or, if your dog’s wearing a sweater, you can stick them to that). When you’re kissing your partner that night in a dark room, you’ll be surrounded by the moving lights as each pet moves and jumps around. Note: NEVER attach anything sticky to your pets’ skin/fur – you’d be cruel by purposefully doing so, and we’d automatically hate you.

5. Light up your night with Lite-Brite! Remember that toy from your childhood wherein you popped little, peg-shaped light bulbs into thick, black paper to make fun designs? Well, set the stage by creating your invigorating designs in any color on Lite-Brites and strategically placing them around the room in which you intend to have your kiss. And then when you kiss your kissing buddy, start outside the room and back them into it. When the door’s closed, you’ll both get to enjoy the bursts of color between your fluttering eyelashes!

Now you can enjoy your fireworks without getting depressed when the 5th rolls around! Just try out some of these silly ideas and infuse any make out with a little bit of fireworks’ magic.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Scoobymoo

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