9 Gigantic Hearts in Nature

Looking to spark a little romance with the attractive lady/fellow in the plane seat next to you?

Glancing at the window and spotting one of these Giant Hearts might just get things moving in the right direction. has put together a terrific visual tour of Gigantic Hearts seen from above complete with spiffy Google Maps of each location!

1. Heart-Shaped Forest, Cantabria, Spain

heart shaped forest

2. Heart-Shaped Island, Gutierrez Lake, Patagonia

heart shaped island

3. Heart-Shaped Wetland, Guandu Nature Park, Taiwan

heart shaped wetland

4. Tavarua Island, Fiji

tavarua island

5. Galesnjak, Croatia

6. Heart-Shaped Lake, Ohio

heart shaped lake

7. Heart-Shaped Mangrove, Voh, New Caledonia

8. Heart-Shaped Lake, Chembra, India

9. Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef of the Whitsundays


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