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If you’re planning your wedding and don’t want to have the ceremony in the church or temple, etc., you’re often left with choices like your parents’ backyard or the golf course.

If you don’t like either of those options, you may consider having a destination wedding.  So, if you want to go with that option and you’re super rich, you have a ton of options. How fun!

You don’t have to have your wedding on a beach or on some other country’s golf course. You can have it in some really strange place that’ll give the two of you a wedding to look back on in awe and disbelief for the rest of your long lives together.

Now, some of these places may too unique and end up dissuading your guests from attending the ceremony, but they’d honestly be missing out on an intensely entertaining experience.

What you need to decide is if you want your wedding to be one that will bore even you, and that your guests might confuse with someone else’s…

Or, if you want it to be…let’s say, underwater!

Let these 5 venues blow your mind with their specialness!

( photo credit: iz.mendoza)

1. Absolut Icebar – London, UK.

Get married in a room that’s kept a constant -5 ºF,  where everything is created out of crystal clear ice, harvested from the Torne River in Northern Sweden.

Worried you’ll be cold? Don’t be! You’ll get to wear a thermal hooded cape while you’re inside. And you’ll still be snazzy…it’s a designer cape!

2.  “Island of the Gods” – Bali, Indonesia

swimming underwater in gown

Dive into an underwater, tropical paradise and have a Bali Dive Wedding! It doesn’t matter if you or your guests aren’t scuba certified, as most packages include a scuba lesson, given the day before your wedding.

( photo credit: Tayrawr Fortune)

3. Jenolan Caves – Australia

imperial cave

Let your vows resound in one of Australia’s wonderfully acoustic caves!

The ambiance is unparalleled due to its majestically sloping limestone walls and ceilings. You can fit up to 25 guests in The Orient or Temple of Baal caves and there’s no need to swim or feel chilly!

Just don’t seat guests beneath any pointy stalactites, if you can help it.

( photo credit: Scotticus)

4. The Edge of a Volcano – Santorini, Greece

Volcanic Island, Santorini

This Greek volcanic island is apparently a new hot spot for destination weddings. It’s not only gorgeous, but full of suspense, too.

You never know when the volcano’s going to erupt.  If and when it does, though, you and your beloved will be the first to know!

( photo credit: David Spender)

5. Runaway Bay – Jamaica

Phill Keoghan event

Do you still have a yearning to get married on the beach, but find yourself faced with the dilemma of not wanting a plain old beach wedding?

Then do it naked!

In Jamaica, there’s a nudist beach that holds such events. You’ll find out way more about the guests who do end up attending!

And if you get embarrassed, you can be a part of their mass nudist wedding on Valentine’s Day!

Go on and give a whole new meaning to the label “blushing bride!”

( photo credit: mangee)

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