History of Love

Kiss Like an Egyptian

Egyptian lipstick

The upper class of ancient Egyptian women wore lipstick. The Turin papyrus, a kind of Egyptian Kamasutra, shows a woman painting her lips with a brush. The famous bust of Nefertiti sports some luscious lips, painted a lusty red.

Of course, along the Nile they were fresh out of L’Oreal, so Egyptian ladies painted their lips with a brush. Lipstick was made of substances that today we know are deadly poisonous. One of the main ingredients was a mercury compound.  

Did the Egyptians make up to make out? Four thousand years ago men and women were driven by the same desires as today. When they were in their youth they worked to seduce, and as they aged they wanted to look younger. It is probable that Egyptians wore makeup to attract the opposite sex, though the use of cosmetics was a privilege usually limited to the upper-classes and royalty.

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