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Kissing Destinations: Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

Have you ever had the urge to kiss in a bed… of flowers? Our research team has uncovered that if you’re in the deep south and are looking for a great place to plant a big wet one it’s in Atlanta’s Botanical Garden. If you’re looking for your love to flower, or your lover’s flower, or something like that, you may be interested to know that the Garden has been twice chosen as “Atlanta’s Most Popular Place to Kiss.”

The curator of Atlanta’s Botanical Garden has in past years transformed the institution into a lover’s paradise on Valentine’s Day night, with candlelit paths, misted green foliage and soft music. If that’s not enough to get you in the mood, the Garden serves up rich desserts made of chocolate, specialty coffee drinks, bubbly champagne and martinis.

While you’re kissing your beloved you can breathe the sweet aroma of orchids and be carried away by a man-eating, rare Amazon fern.

Okay, everything’s true except for the part about the fern. Sex is strongly discouraged within ten feet of the cactus display.

image: glitter feet

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