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Love Letter Jigsaw Takes 15 Years to Put Together Again

A British man spent 15 years reassembling 2,000 pieces of love letters he had written to his late wife. She had torn up the letters when she caught someone reading them.

Ted Howard, 82, ended up with 98 letters that he had written to his wife Molly during the seven years he spent abroad – traveling Europe as a farm worker.

When Molly found someone reading them in 1953, she tore them into more than 20 pieces each – over 2,000 scraps – some smaller than a thumbnail.

ted howard letter

Mr. Howard began reconstructing the letters in 1993 and just completed the last letter – 3 years after his wife died. He worked tirelessly at the task – separating corner and center pieces and slowly putting them back together – for roughly an hour a day for over 15 years.

The letters were written on hotel stationary as he traveled the UK, France, Ireland and Holland in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Full Story: BBC News link

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