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Is This a Face You Would Kiss? Affectionate Orangutans


Scientists have discovered that orangutans make a kissing sound when they are bothered or annoyed. It’s less of a “kiss my ass” sentiment than it is a “hey, you, pay attention” kind of a display. Kissing sounds aside, orangutans are some of the most affectionate critters in the primate community.

If you would like to see some orangutans in action, check out Orangutan Island. You’ll want to adopt one of these amusing primates, which is a great idea! Photo compliments of the UK’s Borneo Orangutan Survival campaign.

If you’re wondering about the term “survival” in the group’s name, it’s because there’s a movement to keep the orangutans from dying off (which they are at a rapid rate) because some big corporations are exploiting their forests for palm oil and other resources.

Here’s the link:

Photo Credit: Victor

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