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Why Everyone Looks Sexy In Red

woman in a red dress

Maybe you’re the one who gets constantly glossed over by everyone.

You go to the bar with your friend, Lola (if you don’t like the name Lola, you can pick a different name), and you’re both hanging over the bar, trying to get the bartender’s attention.

Lola has giant bosoms and is always – this time being no exception – noticed first. It doesn’t matter that you have a shiny, winning smile – it’s dark in there and no one seems to care about dental hygiene when intoxicated.

Gigantic bosoms seem to crush any competitor.

Lola’s kind of nice, so she throws your drink order in with hers. You hate her a little, but thank her anyway.

“You got it, hon,” she says.

‘Hon’? What is she? Doris from the local IHOP? And you’re 12, having just ordered a happy face pancake that she spruced up with some extra whipped cream?

You’re not twelve and you want to show her. Next week, you’ll return the favor and get her drink. That’s right – you’ll be the one who gets noticed.

Now, before you go stuffing your bra, try putting the findings of some recent color studies into action:

Wear Red.

As reported in the article “Red and Romantic Behavior in Men Viewing Women” (Niesta Kayser, D., Elliot, A., and Feltman, R. (2010). European Journal of Social Psychology DOI: 10.1002/ejsp.757), studies have shown that both men and women gravitate more toward a member of the opposite sex if he or she is sporting red.

But, what if red doesn’t look good on you?

Well then, it’s probably that you just haven’t tried the right shade. Check out this fabulous article by Janice Wee, How to Look Gorgeous in Red Fashion, and find out which one compliments you the most. Then, go shopping!

And while you’re at it, pick up a nice, pastel-colored top for Lola. It would be such a shame if she showed up in red, too, and yelled out something like, “We’re twins!”

photo credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro

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